Comfort Across The Spectrum




Birthing with You in Mind



We carry more than the possibility to Birth.

What is sometimes forgotten or undervalued is the care provided to the person that will experience a life transition… Having a Doula supports an investment in YOU



DOULA (dou·la) :

Intentional caregiver, lover, educator, protector of people in birth transition.

doula (/ˈduːlə/), Continuous support from a person who is a neutral, non-biased, non-medical member of the Birth team. They are commonly known as a birth companion, a birth coach, or post-birth support person. A non-medical care provider offering emotional support and physical help during phases of transition. They also may provide support to intimate partners, spouses, other children and other family members.

Full-Spectrum Doula (dou·la):

Intentional caregiver, lover, educator, protector of people through life’s transitions.

The doulas here support across the spectrum:

Our Family of Doulas and Practitioners support through gender affirmation, conception, birth, abortion, miscarriage, adoption, and life-death transition.

Comfort Across The Spectrum reproductive health services seeks to elevate the space and needs of the whole person, their family,and community. 

Full spectrum doula support is available for All people. Expansive care for folks that may have experienced physical, emotional, sexual, or systemic violence, for birthers that Identify as Queer, Trans, Intersex, Gender Fluid, Gender Non-conforming, or Non-Binary, For people with Fat/Abundant bodies, For people expecting multiples, for Birthers who's homeland is not near, and to affirm sacred/spiritual traditions.

Our practice is to support space for these communities, OUR communities. Dedicated care for safe, respected, and affirmed reproductive choice. We do this with a practice of love, kindness, mindfulness, & advocacy that is specific and focused to your needs.