HunterDae (Jadé) provides a holistic approach to Birth. They believe strongly in supporting the space of pregnancy as much as birth and postpartum. Honoring the birthing experience, HunterDae believes that their role as Doula is to comfort, encourage, protect and inform birthing bodies through choices in childbirth. Born and raised in Brooklyn, HunterDae comes from a large family of educators, service workers and health professionals. The spiritual pregnancy and birth of their twins gave way to an unwavering commitment to reproductive justice work that informs their Doula practice.

They approach birth with an awareness of the intersectional needs of birthing folks and are fiercely committed to holding space for all births. HunterDae has worked for over 10 years in community based organizations overlapped with 8 years in public health and has committed  to supporting folks that identify as LGBTQIA, gender expansive/non-binary, Persons of Color, Fat/Plus size/Abundant, victims/survivors of violence, and youth for over 15 years. 

They are a trained self-defense instructor through The Center-for Anti-Violence Education, a Feminist, anti-oppression focused martial arts dojo in Brooklyn, NY. They are a Birthworker, Certified Lactation Counselor, and recently they were awarded a scholarship to the Childbirth Education Association of Metropolitan NY (CEAMNY) cooperative childbirth educator certification program. Interested in holistic approaches to supporting and nourishing the body and mind, HunterDae will also be training as a Perinatal Yoga Instructor in the Fall of 2019. There is never a one-size-fit-all approach to birth. HunterDae enjoys tailoring the space that you need based on mindfulness, love, education and advocacy. 

HunterDae completed their doula training with Ancient Song Doula Services and was formerly apart of the NYC Doula Collective. As a doula, HunterDae encourages the parent(s) in prenatals to enjoy their time in pregnancy. Too often parents are worrying, working, planning for birth that they lose track of the time they have that is intimate between themselves and their new baby(ies). If we can hold this time and nurture it amidst the chaos of everyday life...we are well on our way to a supported birth! HunterDae provides labor support at home, and in hospitals/birth centers, and will support postpartum bonding, infant feeding, and emotional/physical recovery.

HunterDae believes in a mind-body-spiritual connection that everyone is capable of. Some folks may need a little nudge, or someone to help hold time and space so that parents can fully settle into this idea. What a treat it is to connect with our intuition, and baby(ies)! There is power and magic, and oxytocin here! Let's harness it and charge ourselves towards the arrival.

HunterDae support families through assisted reproduction, supports birth with multiples, supports fat bodies, and supports folks of trans experience.  HunterDae is driven to destigmatize the experience for those told that they are "high-risk" simply for being viewed as a "non-traditional" birthing body or having a non-traditional birth experience. 

When HunterDae is not loving on you...they are loving on themselves, their family, and their community. They write and perform poetry, knit, sculpt, craft, bake, love to adventure, and will work tirelessly towards ending disparities in health, and promoting race and gender equity.